About Me

Hello! I’m Tersia

I am a freelance WordPress Web + Graphic Designer

I Love Design

I hate selling myself so here are a couple of quick things about me and my work.

I always thought my dream was to be a designer, travelling the world for inspiration. It seemed like an appropriate dream given I that funded my Diploma in Clothing Design by manufacturing and selling my own gym-wear range, but after 13 years in the industry, it felt quite meh…

In 2004 I was introduced to Crocs – it was love at first wear! My partner & I negotiated sole distribution rights for Southern Africa and grew the Crocs brand into a multi-million rand footwear business before selling the rights back to Crocs in 2011.

With an open horizon, I returned to my first love DESIGN. I am a digital junky, I love everything about the web so I devoured everything I could find on WordPress web & graphic design and started developing websites and or logos for free for anyone who would let me.

Front end web development calls to all my passions; it incorporates creativity, sequential processing, problem-solving and allows me to use my business experience to create seamless web sites for my clients and their customers.

My personal and professional experience has taught me the following about myself:

  • I put the customer at the centre of all that I do
  • I am self-motivated 
  • I excel at problem-solving
  • I stay calm when faced with adversity
  • The buck always stops with me

I don’t advertise this, but I may do this job for free for NGO or NPO’s

When I am not developing websites or pivoting tables, I’m reading recipes books, walking in nature or admiring architectural masterpieces in beautiful cities. I swim in the ocean every morning, come rain, shine, or wind. I have a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice, love to travel and make a small quantity of red wine every February with friends. 


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